Friday, May 25, 2018

Handknitted Baby Cardigans

An archived post from the Country Market stall blog...some of my knitted makes from a few years back...

Cute short bolero, will fit for a while :)

Friday, May 18, 2018

Re-use and re-purpose - jars

Now that we have closed here is an archived post from the Ampthill Country Market stall blog...

The Country Markets are 'known' for their preserves, we make jam, pickles and marmalades.  Most of the jars that we use are re-used.  We soak the labels off, and put them in the dishwasher, and then ensure they are fully sterilised before we add our homemade produce.  We top off with brand new lids and they are sealed so they will last a long time until opened.

So you can always pop your jars back to the stall, unfortunately we can't take those jars that have brand names in the glass, any we can't use we drop off at the glass recycling.  And we love it if you have taken the time to remove the labels and given them a wash.

There are lots of ideas on the internet to re-purpose a jar, have you thought about giving it a go?

Here are a few of my favourites:

There are loads of ideas out there like this on the internet:

Friday, May 11, 2018

Re-use & Re-purpose - kitchen pots

Now that we have closed here is an archived post from the Ampthill Country Market stall blog...

Have you got a tired old saucepan, that has a bit of character?  or a colander or something similar?

Well how about planting it up?  The colander is perfect as it already has draining holes, no worries about drilling.  You will need to line it with something, just some plastic from a compost sack, just make sure you can't see it through the holes, so black side out.  Or an old jumper could work sacking.

This is what I came up with last year - they soon filled up when the plants got established...

Bedding begonias will be on sale on May when you can safely plant them outside.

Friday, May 04, 2018

Re-use and Re-purpose - pots

Now that we have closed here is an archived post from the Ampthill Country Market stall blog...

We have plants for sale throughout spring to autumn, the pots are sometimes purchased, but more often than not they are re-used.  All the pots are washed and then refilled with new compost and then cuttings, seeds and plug plants.

I will be honest and at the moment we don't need any, but will post on facebook when we have run out.

It got me thinking what else can you do with a plant pot, so here are a few of my favourite ideas from around the internet

and on the flip side you don't always need a plant pot to pot a plant!  Loads of ideas out there, I have used colanders, and love to see old boots and is a good link:

Friday, April 27, 2018

Re-use and re-purpose - Chalkboard

Now that we have closed here is an archived post from the Ampthill Country Market stall blog...

We have had a chalkboard for many years that we bought from the Keech charity stall on Ampthill Charter Market.

However we have not been bringing it every week as it was looking a bit tired, but with a renewed enthusiasm I have now painted it (and glued it), so no longer primary colours of red and yellow, a little more sophisticated.

We just need to find someone with fab writing!

So it has been saved from the landfill for another year...

...have you re-used or re-purposed something this week?

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Had a play at applique, and made these little bags....have more cut out, just need to make some more - were great fun to do!

these have now all been added to bags, couple already gone and forgot to take pictures:

Friday, April 13, 2018

Re-use and re-purpose - Jeans

Now that we have closed here is an archived post from the Ampthill Country Market stall blog...

One of our producers is turning old jeans into bags, lots of different sizes and shapes.  

If the jeans have zipped pockets or other fasteners this will mean that they will have an extra pocket.  So maybe you have some jeans destined for the bin drop them off at the stall.  
If they are of no use they will be added to a charity bag, charity shop or the recycling.

Holes on the knees are perfectly usable.

Above are the latest acquisitions that are destined to be bags in the near future.

So the jeans are laundered and then stared at for a few days :) to try and decide how to make them into pretty bags!  The fabric to line and make the strap is chosen from a large stash of fabric that seems to be ever growing after a visit to the shops....and also a large drawer of haberdashery...oh dear :)

Once cut up into pieces they are accessorised with lace and other trimmings.  The linings are made from a pretty contrasting fabric and have a slip pocket added, and maybe a button pocket, really as the fancy strikes.  Normally a handmade fabric flower added using the same or contrasting fabric as the lining, big button and a strap made that loops around or buttons through and adds to the 'decoration'.  Button holes are great fun on the new machine.

The challenge is to get the right size bag, with enough pockets, It can often mean piecing together denim to make it wider, but it all adds to the charm.

You can be assured that any sales will mean that more fabric can be purchased.....fabric obsession confession

So as you can see they are all made with loving care, and take quite a while...

And here are a few that have been on the stall in recent months: