Sunday, January 15, 2017

Elephants and more

I bought some elephant fabric at Threads and Patches sale, I really didn't need any more fabric but couldn't resist these cute elephants - kind of wished I had bought more now....

left a few things on a basket at Country Matters in Hexton, did the other box as well, but the cute brooches are not mine that is another seller.

Thought it would be a nice idea to make a few different things in the same fabric, but ran out of ideas to make!  Zipped pouch for pretty much anything, needlecases, glasses case or phone case, along with some tissue pouches

With this fabric I did a different style case, so could use it for pens and also made some 'cornered' lavender bags, they did look sweet.  Same idea as the bean bag stands I made last year.

Monday, January 02, 2017


So I got the Fabi die out, and made this! Thought I would just sew him (or is it her) onto a bag instead of a flower.  Maybe I should have attached a ribbon in the back when I sewed it and then could hang it...but then would have to attach to the handle somehow.....decisions decisions

See the dies here:

Sunday, January 01, 2017


Happy New Year

I have made a few shopping totes/bags, they are not huge, but are good to get a few things in, and I have also added a pocket with a snap fastening inside.

Sometimes when I pop into town I just like to take a shopping bag and pop my purse, keys and phone inside, and the pocket is big enough for them all.

I just thought this chicken fabric was fun, from MK market.

I decided to add straps that were ready made, makes them nice and strong and the fabric goes a little further, what do you think?  Dithered over how long to make them too!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sizzix Bigz Fabi

I bought these last year when I was in Florida as they were such a bargain and couldn't resist, BUT I have not used them yet!

They are great for cutting fabric, have tested the little bird, but I need inspiration on what to do with them.

I think I might have a go with the bird later and make a bag charm....but it may be difficult to sew.

Think I need to have a die sort out and have a go at using them on fabric.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Rocky Road

Many years ago I collected some sweet recipes on the forum and I made several of them, including coconut ice and also gift wrapped it into jars a few years back, see picture below.

Today I have made a batch of Rocky Road using the recipe from Clare.  I always like to leave a few bits to decorate onto the top, as well as maybe some white chocolate shavings, or this year some stars and pearl balls from Poundland.

So here is the recipe if you fancy giving it a go:

Basic recipe is -
200g choc (milk, plain or mix)
90g butter
2tbsp syrup
100g (tea)biscuits
75g nuts
75g mini marshmallows

You can then vary the last 3 ingredients, just keep to approximate weights.
variations....amaretti biscuits, brazils, cherries, salted peanuts, crumbled Crunchies, pecans, raisins, maltesers...well anything you fancy really.

Melt the first 3 ingredients and stir in the roughly crushed/chopped others bits. Press into a greased 8" square tin and leave to set, I always line with baking paper so that it comes out really easy.  You can then dust with icing sugar and/or edible glitter or drizzle with white chocolate.

Have a Happy Christmas....


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Little bags and stall

I saw this cute fabric on MK market and decided to make some little bags from it.

Managed to fill up the stall with my things.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I took some crochet to do whilst I was on holiday in the summer, nice and easy to transport and can even do some on the plane if the movies are not so good!

I searched around the internet for some patterns and combined about three, to make all these different ones, so cute once they are all 'stuffed' and ready to go.